COVID-19 Vaccine Information

(Updated 1/8/22)

COVID-19 vaccinations are the best way to prevent severe symptoms in you and your family.

Vaccines are available to everyone 5 and older.

Booster doses are available for everyone 12 and older.

Booster doses can be given 5 months after completing your initial round of vaccines.

A third dose is available for children ages 5-11 who are immunocompromised.

Only the Pfizer vaccine is authorized for children under age 18.


Below are links to address some common questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines:

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Where to get your child vaccinated:

To search available appointments for COVID vaccine in your area, go to:

BJC appointments can be made at

Mercy appointments can be made at 

St. Louis County Department of Public Health will be holding vaccine clinics. For details, go to:

Walgreen's stores. Go to:

CVS stores. Go to: